Social Campaigns: What They Are & What They Can Do

Social media has become an undeniable part of everyday life. Aside from personal use, businesses are embracing sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as part of an overall marketing strategy that taps into the power of personal recommendations and word of mouth.

Social campaigns are a strategy that uses social media websites, primarily Facebook, to turn fans into customers. These campaigns are a new twist on the traditional Internet marketing technique of landing pages, with a goal of offering enhanced content to drive viral awareness.

How social campaigns work

The first step in a social campaign is to create a dynamic and engaging landing page on Facebook. This creates an advantage over traditional landing pages, because Facebook’s built-in tools make it easy for customers to share your content with friends. They’re also more likely to spread the word, since sharing on Facebook is practically a habit for regular social media users.

You can use your Facebook landing page to:

  • Offer coupons or discounts in exchange for “liking” your page
  • Share exclusive content like reports, guides, whitepapers, or videos
  • Run a contest, sweepstakes, or giveaway, which will encourage visitors to share your page with friends
  • Create buzz and raise donations for a non-profit organization or cause

Finally, social campaigns incorporate ecommerce and make it easy for visitors to become customers. When you post direct buy links for your products or services on your Facebook landing page, fans can simply click and purchase. The easier you make it for your customers to buy from you, the more your sales will increase through your social campaign.

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