Buttons: Making a Clickable Splash

When it comes to your website, you pay close attention to the layout, the graphics, the navigation, and the content to ensure that everything looks great—but what about your buttons?

Call to action buttons (CTA)—whether they’re asking your visitors to learn more, sign up, or buy now—are an important and often overlooked aspect of web design. The better your buttons look, the more clickable they’ll be. However, many business websites are still using text links for navigation instead of buttons—and this oversight could be costing you clicks.

What’s in a great button?

The buttons on your website should be:

  1. Big. Of course, you don’t want a page-sized button—but your clickable buttons should be large enough to stand out from whatever else is on your website. Customers shouldn’t have to hunt for them.
  2. Clear. How much information is crammed into your buttons? Is the font crisp and readable? Is your call to action simple and direct? No one is going to click a button if they don’t know what it does.
  3. Attractive. A basic colored shape does not make an effective button. The best buttons give the illusion of being “pressable”—they are three-dimensional, and toned or shaded rather than flat. Even better: interactive buttons that change when they’re moused over or clicked on.
  4. Complementary. The “big red button” is a common term for call-to-action buttons, but all buttons shouldn’t necessarily be red. Your button colors should blend with your website’s theme, which can make red a poor choice.

Are your buttons bold and beautiful—or bland and boring? If you need a button makeover for your website, contact Informatix for more information about our website and e-commerce design services.

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