Comparing Live Chat Software to Get the Features Your Business Needs

Ready to elevate your online customer service experience by incorporating live chat functionality? By allowing customers to ask questions and receive responses in real time, you’ll Comparing Live Chat Software to Get the Features Your Business Needssee a real difference in terms of sales and satisfaction. And it’s easier than you might think to add this interactive support to your e-commerce site.

Before adding live chat to your site, you’ll want to consider several of the available options. Comparing and contrasting features will help you determine which chat services meet your needs, your customers’ needs, and best suit the product or service you offer. Here are some of the main features to evaluate:


Does the chat service offer a variety of sizes, colors, and other display options for the chat window itself? The way your chat interface looks can affect how customers feel about your site.

Spell Check:

A spelling function that underlines or highlights misspelled words can help to ensure that your support staff conveys an air of professionalism, while preventing confusion and miscommunication among chat users.


Some chat services allow you to view text that a customer has entered, even before they hit send. This feature allows your operators to get a head start on their responses and address customer complaints and questions in a timelier manner.

Automated Invitations:

With this feature, you can set up your chat window to automatically invite web users to chat once they’ve been on a particular web page for a certain period of time. You can customize the invitation to suit your needs, or deactivate this function if you don’t want to use it.

Analytics, Transcripts, and Reporting:

Does the chat service provide automated transcripts of chat, and statistics about your live chat use? These tools can be very useful in helping you use chat in the most effective way.

All of these features—and more—are available from most legitimate chat providers. What are you looking for in your live chat help?


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