Copywriting – and Getting It Right

How much does the content on your website really matter? Many business owners believe that just having a site—with a simple blurb about your business and your contact information—is enough for customers to find you online.

Is it really that simple? Does having a website guarantee that you’ll get business through the web? Unfortunately, the answer is no. It takes more than just a professional-looking website to attract customers online. The content on your site matters more now than ever before – and there are several reasons for that.

The competition is fierce

Ten years ago, when business sites were few and far between, a car repair shop or restaurant might be the only one in their town or neighborhood with a web presence, but that’s not the case today. Every major business – and many of the smaller ones – have a website, and that means it’s inevitable that your target customers will find your competitors online as well as you. Does the text on your website shine in comparison, or will consumers turn to other sites that have more informative content or more compelling copywriting?

informatix seo servicesThe importance of SEO

Your website not only needs to be equal or superior in appearance and content to your main competitors’ sites – it also must be easier to find, which makes search engine optimization a priority for business sites.

Most of the people who find your business online aren’t going to know your company’s name or website URL – they’ll likely use Google or another search engine to look for someone offering the services they need. High-ranking sites come up first within search results, while lower-ranking sites languish on page 2, 3, 15, or beyond. If your site is designed properly, the majority of your traffic will come from search engines.

SEO is the art and science of targeting the complex factors that make a site rank higher in search engines. One of the most significant factors in determining search engine ranking is the quality and content of the text on your site. If you don’t know how to optimize your site’s content for search, enlist the help of a professional who does.

Marketing with words

Last but not least, the copy on your website must market your business to the consumer who finds you online. If you rank high on search engines but people arrive to find bland, unimpressive content that doesn’t answer their questions or compel them to act, they’re not likely to call or hire you. Your web copy needs to pack a punch so customers immediately decide that you’re a professional they want to work with.

Your website is your online business headquarters – your business card, informative newsletter, and most important marketing pitch all rolled into one. Strong, well-crafted copy on your site is the single most effective tool you can add to your marketing arsenal.

At Informatix, we specialize in creating custom copy for websites. We can write your content from scratch or overhaul your current web copy. Contact us today to learn more about how the power of the written word—and the way in which it’s delivered—can improve your SEO ranking and drive sales.


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