Event Management: Are You Doing it Right?

When you’re hosting an event, whether it’s online or offline, you want everything to go off without a hitch. So what’s your plan for event management? If you don’t have one, your event may be doomed to fail already.

Fortunately, effective event management is a fairly straightforward process. Follow these three basic steps to help coordinate all the moving parts and give your event the best chance for success.

1. Create an event webpage

A dedicated web page is the best way to get the word out about your event. Include your logo and company information, event description, details about time and location, and a way to sell tickets and collect registrations.

With a dedicated event web page, people can sign up from anywhere, including their smartphones. The more convenient it is to join your event, the more signups you’ll get. You can also handle all ticket sales online.

2. Start your promotion engines

Once you have your event web page in place, it’s time to spread the news. You can email personalized invitations to your contact and marketing lists with a link to the event page, and list your event on social media sites. Don’t forget to include social media sharing buttons with your emails, so your customers can easily tell friends about the event.
You’ll also need a way to track signups, ticket sales, and registrations, so you’ll know whether you need to ramp up your marketing activity.

3. Manage event attendance

The last step is reserved for the event itself. Make sure you’re ready to check in your guests, either virtually or in person, with an interactive guest list. Consider using a mobile app, like Eventbrite, to scan barcoded tickets and collect personal information. For live events that aren’t sold out, you can sell tickets at the door and coordinate new entries with the mobile app.

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