Guest Experts Can Improve Your Newsletter or Blog

Looking for a way to freshen up the content in your business blog or newsletter? There’s no better way to add value and attract both old and new readership than with a guest column.

Offering new insights and perspectives, a guest blog or article in your newsletter gives your readership the chance to see your business and your field through a different set of eyes, which can be a refreshing change. Plus, it takes the onus off of you to produce all of your content – a nice break, if you’ve been doing a lot of the writing yourself – and challenges your readers to see your work in a new way.

There are plenty of formats for guest columns, ranging from a simple Q&A session or interview to a full-blown featured article.

Contributions from experts in your industry (especially big names who are widely known and respected) draw huge numbers of followers and can boost readership for your newsletter. Guest experts also lend their credibility and fame to you, endorsing your company with their presence on your website page or in your magazine.

By the same token, writing guest blogs or guest articles yourself for other companies in your industry can put you in front of a wider audience. All it takes is a well-placed link at the end of a thought-provoking article to entice interested parties back to your site – and possibly to sign up for your products or services.

Guest columns can be a highly effective way for you to share your expertise, and to invite colleagues to do the same. You’ll not only support one another’s work, but you’ll help interested customers to learn more and gain fresh insights into the workings of your industry. That makes guest articles a win-win for everyone concerned!

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