Hot Web Design Trends

How does contemporary web design differ from the trends of the past few years? Today’s styles are ranging toward bigger, more colorful, and more dynamic. Below are six of the top website design trends we’re seeing in corporate, personal, and organizational pages:

Illustrated designs:

Computer-illustrated and hand-drawn designs aren’t just for children’s websites. They’re becoming an increasingly popular way to stand out from the high-tech, all-business, professional design crowd. We’ve seen everything from elegant to whimsical designs on all types of websites, but especially cutting-edge social media and technology groups.

Full-page images:

Web design used to be limited to small (or no) images by the slow upload requirements of the average Internet signal. Today’s high-speed Internet has made full-color image backgrounds an increasingly popular choice for modern web design.


The exact opposite of the full-color image background, minimalist websites rely on monochromatic schemes and clean visuals to capture attention with their elegance and simplicity. Whether it’s black and white or a single color like forest green or violet, these websites impress with bold fonts and stark, uncluttered design.

Script integration:

Where script widgets used to be an addition or an afterthought to a website, many contemporary designs are built around heavy script integration that makes up a significant portion of the page.

Grid-based design:

Although it may make your site look like a blog template if used poorly, grids are an effective way to catch visitors’ attention and draw the eye to particular aspects of the page. They’re attractive, simplistic, and complement the way the human mind reads and interprets information, making them functional and easy to read.

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