Inbox Preview: A Must for Serious Marketers

You’ve designed a fantastic HTML marketing campaign, with striking graphics and compelling text, and you’re ready to wow your contacts with your latest offering. But is everyone on your list seeing the same email?

With so many different devices and email clients being used today, ensuring cross-platform compatibility for graphics-based messages can be a real challenge. If you want to make sure your carefully designed emails look great no matter how they’re being accessed, there’s a service for that.

The litmus test for email marketing

A company called Litmus lets you preview your email campaigns on more than 30 popular email clients and devices in just a few minutes. This is commonly referred to as Inbox Preview. The service makes it easy to fix any problems you spot—and when you make a change, you can re-test the altered message with just one click.

Litmus also provides a test that checks against all major spam filters and verification services, ensuring that your marketing campaigns land in as many inboxes as possible. If your message fails the test, you’ll receive an explanation for why your email scored low, so you can make the necessary adjustments.

Ready to get serious about your marketing efforts? Check out Litmus today, and grab your free trial at sign-up.

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