Is Your Website Branded?

Why you need a unified look

Not so long ago, websites were an optional marketing tool that many companies used simply as digital business cards. Today, having a richly featured website—preferably one that your customers can purchase through—is practically a necessity for any company looking to succeed in an Internet-driven market. In fact, many businesses exist primarily online.

In addition to great features and functionality, your website has to look good. Having a unified theme for your website will not only strengthen your company’s brand, but will also give you a competitive advantage.

Your professional home online

Because your website is an essential part of your business, it’s critical that it looks professional. Think about it—you wouldn’t want to shop in a store where every area is painted a different color, the products are scattered all over so it’s hard to find what you’re looking for, and all the signs are printed in different fonts.

A unified website with easy navigation will reflect your professionalism and credibility, and reassure visitors that your products or services are worth buying.

Building consumer trust

A cohesive theme helps your visitors feel secure. All of your pages—from the home page to your blog, shopping cart, opt-in signup, and contact page—should be branded with the same colors, styles, and themes. Otherwise, it may appear that customers are navigating away from your site—and entering credit card information on a third-party site is a warning sign for online shoppers.

Stand out from the crowd

Informatix offers complete web design and e-commerce solutions for your company’s online home. Contact us today to find out how we can help you strengthen your brand with a unified website, attract more visitors, and increase your online sales.


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