How Analysis Helps Improve Your Campaigns

When it comes to business marketing, it’s easier than you think to turn losses into gains. By analysing your proposals, including your opportunity losses, you can discover ways to improve your marketing formats, pricing, product offerings, online presence, and more.

Online surveys are a powerful marketing tool. Survey mailings can help you get a better handle on your customer demographics, test your latest campaign, gauge the impact of a pricing change, measure customer satisfaction and awareness, and gain feedback on product offerings, websites, and more.

The real advantages to surveys, however, comes in the analysis. Having all that information is great—but it’s even better when you understand what it means, and how you can use it to improve your bottom line. Informatix can design, implement, and provide in-depth analysis for your survey results, with customized reports in your preferred formats, from text and spreadsheets to charts and graphs.

Email analysis: Precision measurements for ROI

Making the most of any email marketing campaign means digging deeper to obtain a crystal-clear understanding of your metrics. Strong marketing solutions consider the good along with the bad—you need to know what drives your opportunity losses, as well as which areas of your format or presentation are drawing in the best responses from your customers.

With detailed reporting from Informatix, you’ll learn exactly how your email marketing campaigns are performing, with the key data that will help you tweak your strategies into success. Below are just some of the metrics we track:

  • New subscribers, opt-outs, and bounced emails
  • Number of emails opened
  • How many links were clicked on—and who clicked them
  • Total number of conversions for each campaign
  • Emails that are forwarded to friends

Get the analysis you need to turn your losses into opportunities! Contact us today to learn how Informatix can help pump up your ROI.

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