Mobile-First Email Strategy: What’s So Important?

The people you’re trying to reach with your business are using mobile. Are your emails tailored to their needs? According to a new report from Yesmail Interactive, 49 percent of all email opens are now happening on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. However, the average click-to-open rate across all industries is higher on desktops—by 100 percent. While email open rates on desktops are a strong 23 percent, the same rates on mobile are just 11 percent.

This means businesses aren’t doing enough to give consumers the right mobile email experience, and they’re losing potential customers.

What’s involved with mobile-first?

Smaller screen real estate for mobile devices mean that traditional emails just don’t translate well to the mobile environment. It’s frustrating for mobile users to try reading messages that show up as tiny print in a format that’s meant for screens ten times bigger—and virtually impossible to click through text links or hit Reply on a web-based interface.

In order to be effective, mobile email needs:

  1. Responsive design that translates well across all platforms
  2. Customized content for the more personal mobile environment
  3. Easily clickable calls to action, in the form of buttons or images
  4. Without these elements, emails read on mobile devices are typically left either unread, or more often deleted outright—which means the user won’t have the opportunity to open them later on a desktop.

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