Power Up Your Email Marketing with Site and Event Tracking

Customer data is the most valuable tool for digital marketing. With browsing behavior data, you can gain insight into your contacts, improve targeting and personalization, and increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

What kind of data does it take to gain a clearer picture of your audience? With built-in website and event tracking from Informatix, you’ll be able to collect the right information from your contacts to create highly effective campaigns that convert more subscribers into customers.

Relevant data for your business marketing

Site and event tracking shows you every action your contacts perform on your website, from the moment they click through a link. This comprehensive tracking service logs and reports:

  • Whether a visitor clicked on a link from your email, an advertising campaign, a search engine, or another website
  • Every page they visited on your website, and how many times they visit each page
  • The length of time spent on each of your website pages
  • Links clicked on, videos watched, and files downloaded
  • Any searches they performed through your site’s search function
  • Items added to or removed from shopping carts
  • Custom events or actions, scheduled by you
  • Analytics and automation for optimal results

Having mountains of customer data is worthless, unless you can make it work for you. With site and event tracking from Informatix, you’ll enjoy powerful analytics that help you make sense of your data, and enable personalized campaigns with easy automation to segment and target your audience.

Use your customer behavior data to send personalized emails when a contact signs up for your newsletter, downloads a brochure, or watches a video. With site and event tracking, you’ll understand what your visitors want—and you’ll be able to deliver quickly, with automated tools that establish a personal connection.

Easy to implement, easy to use

Deploying site and event tracking is as simple as inserting a few lines of code into your website pages. Our system automatically collects and analyzes tracking data, and provides you with detailed reports that allow you to send targeted, personalized email campaigns and increase customer engagement.

Contact Informatix today to learn more about our site and event tracking services, and maximize your email marketing.


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