SEO Tip: Incoming Links

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a complex and ever-evolving practice, one part art and one part science. It involves dozens of factors that affect how search engines find and interpret your website, including making the most of the keywords, content, and even the design of your site.

The Power of Links

One of the most easily overlooked elements of SEO is the impact of incoming links. Links from other web pages that direct to your site are interpreted by search engines as an indication that others have found value on your site – and as a result of quality incoming links, search engines will rank you higher and direct more people to your pages. But how can you get more incoming links?

How to Get Incoming Links

It’s easier than you might expect to get reputable sites to link to yours for free:

  • Offering to write a guest column or article in exchange for a link back to your site is often a very welcome proposition for both the host and guest writer.
  • You can also include a link back to your site in your comment signature, which appears any time you comment on someone’s blog. Add a thoughtful remark that provides value to them, and include your link so search engines and readers can find you.
  • Link directories and forums are set up to help businesses like yours spread the word and get good, quality links in the process. It’s usually easy to submit to industry-specific link directories, providing you with an SEO boost and directing interested readers your way.
  • Professional listings and other industry sites are also good places to get links. If you can list your company and contact info on a page of local accountants, therapists, or mechanics, you may get new customers as well as a solid link to boost SEO.

Incoming links are one of many SEO tools that can help raise your search engine status and drive new viewers to your site. It’s simple and free, so there’s every reason to pursue incoming links as part of your SEO strategy.

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