Survey Says: You Need More Surveys

How often do you survey your customers? For too many business, the answer is once a year, with a long and complex annual survey that sees few returns—or never, because it’s too difficult, or there’s not enough time. Besides, why should you bother?

Surveys can kick back plenty of benefits—if they’re used correctly. Customer surveys are one of the most inexpensive marketing tools available. They can provide you with valuable feedback and input to help you improve products and services alike, and can sometimes serve as a surprising source of new ideas.

Surveys can help you:

  • Boost customer retention by delivering more detailed feedback than you’d receive from typical customer interactions
  • Improve products and services by pointing out flaws that can only be seen from the client side
  • Generate new ideas through customer requests and suggestions for features, functionality, or general improvements

How to make the most of your surveys

It goes without saying that electronic surveys are the best fit for today’s online world. No one has time to fill out papers and drop them in the mail. Outside of sending digital surveys, what are some best practices for getting feedback from your customers?

Customer surveys can measure quality of service, effectiveness of products or services, and customer satisfaction. However, the standard annual survey is no longer effective. You’ll realize better results—and more completed surveys—with shorter and more frequent questionnaires that focus on specific areas of your business.

Informatix can help you create and implement surveys that deliver effective, informative results. We’ll manage the whole process from start to finish, from writing the questions to providing real-time results and analytics.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you improve your business with customer surveys.


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