Why Your Website Words Matter

In an increasingly competitive online world, search engine optimization is still the most powerful and effective way to increase traffic to your website. Every word matters—from the ones your visitors see, to the ones they don’t.

Crafty copy: Retaining visitors and satisfying search engines

In a fairly recent update, Google changed its search engine algorithms to penalize websites that use blatant keyword stuffing, and reward those that offer more quality content. Therefore, getting creative with your copy is more important than ever.

Effective website copy incorporates keywords in a natural way, and in strategic places. Hiring a professional copywriter who understands SEO writing could very well be the best investment you make for your website.

Page titles: Precision that boosts your rank

A great page title can move your website up in search engine rankings and draw visitors to your site—while a poor title can turn your online real estate into a ghost town.

Writing effective page titles is essential for search engine optimization. The title should incorporate your strongest keywords, those that represent the core of your business and that potential customers are likely to search for. The placement of those keywords within the title is important. There’s also length to consider—search engines will only show a certain number of characters in results before the text is cut off.

Meta data: Your invisible ally

Meta data, including your meta title, meta description, and meta tags, are located in the HTML code for your web pages in the area. Your visitors will never see your meta data—but search engines will.

While major search engines no longer give any weight to meta tags, because they’re prime candidates for keyword stuffing, your meta title and description carry significant search impact. An effective meta description summarizes your business in a few sentences, and incorporates keywords naturally, just as your web copy should.

Professional SEO, excellent results

Informatix is knowledgeable and experienced in search engine optimization. We know how to create copy, titles, and tags that get your site noticed by search engines and deliver traffic. Contact us to find out how our professional copywriting services can help you promote your website through the search engine ranks.


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