The 5 Biggest Live Chat Mistakes

So you’re ready to implement a live chat feature on your site, with the goal of improving communication with customers and streamlining your sales process. But wait! Have you made any of these common live chat mistakes?

1. Location:

You might think it makes sense to put your chat button on your contact page, but web users aren’t likely to follow that line of reasoning. It’s best to place it in a consistent, visible place on every page of your site, such as the header or sidebar.

2. Time:

So nobody’s using your new chat feature? Are you sure about that? You may only be staffing your chat during regular work hours, but your customers could be halfway around the world in another time zone, hoping for live support.

3. Customization:

Most programs offer the option to customise the appearance of the chat window. A majority of businesses never use it – they assume it’s too much work, or that they don’t have the time. But when you consider the visibility and impact of your chat window, it’s definitely worthwhile to ensure that it matches your website design, reflects your brand identity, and lets customers know immediately that they’re in the right place.

4. Consistency:

You know that neighborhood café that’s never open, even during their posted hours? Your chat is only as useful as it is consistent. If a customer has a last-minute problem at 4:49 and your chat schedule says you’ll be available until 5:00, you have to be there or risk losing a customer. Your chat may only be used on occasion, but it’s your job to keep your word and provide the promised service.

5. Expectations:

Live chat is a great tool for connecting with your clients and answering their questions, but it’s not going to magically drive traffic to your site or answer queries on its own. Be realistic in your expectations and put in the required effort, and you’ll experience results worth talking about.


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