Why Email Marketing is More Relevant than Ever

With all the recent emphasis on social media, text messaging, and other hot new marketing trends, it’s easy to get the impression that email marketing is dead—or at least on the way out. After all, email is the longtime staple of digital marketing, and tech-savvy consumers are always looking for the next big thing. That should mean email is old news.

However, it is the established nature of email that makes this marketing platform so effective. Despite the staggering statistics on the number of Facebook and Twitter users, and the hordes of people flocking to LinkedIn, there aren’t many power users who feed on a steady diet of social media—but everybody checks their email.

The real deal: Digital marketing statistics

According to data from Emfluence Interactive Marketing, your chances of having your marketing messages read and acted on are much higher with email than with any other message-based digital platform. They’ve found that:

  • While 6 in 10 people use social media regularly, 9 out of 10 read email
  • 0.3% of people act on a marketing message sent via Twitter, while…
  • 1 in 100 take action through Facebook marketing posts, but…

The chances of a reader acting on an email marketing message are 1 in 5
When you look at the numbers side by side, it’s even more impressive. Out of 100 people, less than one will act on a tweet, one will act on a Facebook post, and 20 will act on an email.

Making the most of your email marketing

In general, email is still the most effective form of digital marketing—and there are things you can do to achieve even better results from email campaigns. The best email marketing combines eye-catching design with engaging, action-oriented content, and targets your audience with personalized, relevant information.

Informatix offers comprehensive email marketing services and automation that uses the latest technologies to build your brand and create highly effective campaigns, with valuable analytics to hone your efforts. Contact us to learn more about how we can strengthen your email marketing efforts.

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