Why You Need Two-Way SMS Marketing

There are more than 2 million mobile phone owners in Australia, and 94 percent of them read every text message they receive. Many businesses are taking advantage of the explosion in mobile popularity by investing in Short Message Service (SMS) marketing, which is a fantastic opportunity to build your customer base and increase sales. But is it enough to just send out those texts and take whatever response you get?

For truly effective SMS marketing, you need a two-way solution. In addition to sending messages, you should be collecting and analyzing your responses, engaging your audience, and working to improve each subsequent campaign—just as you would with email marketing.

Best practices for SMS marketing

Text marketing is a unique opportunity to reach today’s consumer. Combining the immediacy of social media with a personalized delivery system, it ensures that every intended recipient will see your messages, and that most will read them.

You can use SMS marketing to:

  1. Send coupon codes to advertise products, services, or special promotions
  2. Give customers timely reminders and notifications
  3. Build an opt-in list of prospects who are sincerely interested in your business
  4. Offer paid subscription services to generate additional revenue streams

However, most companies view SMS marketing as a one-way street. When customers reply to these texts—and many do—the responses aren’t recorded or analyzed, and no reply is sent. By making SMS marketing a two-way conversation, you can increase your engagement and create more targeted campaigns that generate higher click-throughs—and more sales.

With emailer SMS software from Informatix, you can automate the process of two-way text message marketing, and create flexible, personalized SMS campaigns that optimize your marketing efforts. Contact us to learn more about using emailer for your mobile marketing.


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