Why You Should Automate Your Live Chat

Having an integrated live chat feature helps businesses provide an exceptional level of customer service. With live chat, you can be there at the very moment that your customers need help or information, effectively turning your website into a sales floor and creating an interactive shopping experience similar to a retail store.

However, you may find that your staff spends a lot of time on live chat answering the same customer questions, over and over again. You could end up missing out on opportunities to engage new visitors while you’re busy chatting with other customers.

How automation saves time and increases ROI

While it’s important to have real customer service reps available for live chat, many of your website visitors don’t need extensive, personalized service. Some are just looking for answers to simple questions that they’re unable to find easily, or they just prefer the convenience of chat response.

By setting up your live chat program to respond automatically to frequently asked questions, you’ll be able to serve your customers faster—and save your operators hours of time and frustration every week.

Automation can also help you engage more visitors. For example, an automated chat message can be delivered when a visitor spends a specified amount of time on a certain page, or when a particular link is clicked. Greater engagement leads to more sales, and a boost in your bottom line.

At Informatix, we provide live chat setup and automated services that let you maximize the effectiveness of your live chat features feature. Contact us to find out how we can help you improve your website customer service—and your profits.

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