SEO: Not Just for the Pros

If you’re creating a new site or giving your current one a face lift, it’s a great idea to consult with a professional web designer who can help you create a professional web presence SEO: Not Just for the Proswith a look and feel that suits your brand image. And when it’s time to determine the text that will go up on your web pages, an SEO expert can build relevant, search engine optimized content for your site.

Search engine optimization is vital for any web business that wants to grow and attract more customers. But despite the obvious benefits of hiring someone who understands SEO best practices inside and out, it’s not necessarily a good idea to turn over all of your writing and optimization needs to a contractor.

We believe it’s important for every business owner to understand SEO, especially if you have incorporated e-commerce into your business model. Having a basic knowledge will allow you to:

  • Add new content to your site the right way: As your business grows and develops, you’ll want to add fresh content to your site. Whether you need to promote a special event, advertise a new product or service, or post a new blog entry, having a basic knowledge of SEO principles will allow you to make the changes to your site in the most effective way.
  • Optimize your blog: These days, most companies publish a blog as an easy and cost-effective way to draw current and new customers to their sites on an ongoing basis. Did you know that SEO-friendly blog posts get far more readership than non-optimized blogs? Knowing how to optimize your editorial content for search engines can give your blog significantly higher organic rankings, attract higher volumes of qualified traffic, and ultimately bring in more sales.
  • Design an SEO-friendly site, from the ground up: Search engine optimization is about more than just the content on your pages. It also has to do with the programming, headings, and the way you name and organize your site. Building SEO strategies into the structure of your site organically can dramatically increase the volume of qualified traffic – and it’s much easier than trying to add SEO content to a site that’s poorly designed.

Knowing the basics of how search engines find your website, and how to create pages that will increase your search engine rankings and draw in more customers, is crucial for your online success – and it’s easiest to learn and implement from the ground up, before you start building your e-commerce site.

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