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In this digital age, the majority of the advice you’ll hear about promoting your business is likely focused on the Internet. From websites to social networking to online advertising, it may seem that the old, tried-and-true methods of marketing and contacting customers no longer exist – but that’s simply not the case!

Although there is a lot of business to be gained online, the “old school” approaches still work, and continue to be a vital component of running a thriving modern business. We believe that newsletters, billboard ads, and “snail mail” all have their place in a comprehensive business plan. But the most important tool that many companies overlook while they’re chasing Internet prospects is the phone.

Email can’t do everything

Whether you’re getting back in touch with a client you’ve worked with before or making a first contact with a new prospect, it’s tempting to resort to email for everything. It’s easy, it’s convenient, and you can send an email at any hour of the day or night and know that it will be read when your customer is ready to receive the information.

Unfortunately, email can’t do everything that a phone call can:

  • Some customers, especially older clients, simply don’t have email. You’ll need to use the phone to reach “unplugged” contacts.
  • Emails get lost all the time; in those cases, you can confirm receipt of information by making a quick phone call.
  • Some consumers simply don’t read mass emails, making a telemarketing call the best way to keep in touch.
  • Private information that can’t be transmitted securely in an email can be more easilycommunicated over the phone.
  • For certain types of telemarketing surveys, it makes more sense to conduct them by phone.
  • It takes only a moment to make a quick call to ensure that customers were satisfied with an order, whereas an email might be ignored or overlooked.
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  • When it comes to delivery details and scheduling, a phone call can be a faster, more precise way to convey information.

Phone and email: a match made in marketing heaven

This is not to say that email doesn’t have its place – it plays a huge role in business communications. An ideal marketing plan includes both email and phone calls to make communication with your clients as effortless, convenient, and effective as possible.


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