Stats and Facts on Logo Design

Designing a logo for your company might seem like the simplest part of starting a new business or revamping your brand. Think again! Your logo makes an immediate impression on Stats and Facts on Logo Designcustomers and prospective clients, and the perfect graphic symbol must convey the essence of your company and your brand in a single glance.

How much do you know about logo design?

Read on for some interesting facts about famous logos of the past and present:

  1. The three-pointed star in the Mercedes-Benz logo symbolizes earth, sea, and sky.
  2. The Chevrolet cross logo was inspired by, of all things, hotel wallpaper.
  3. The 57 varieties used on the Heinz ketchup bottle and all their other products is a number chosen at random. Heinz was inspired by a shoemaker who claimed to sell “21 varieties of shoes” and picked 57 simply because he liked it.
  4. The Sony Vaio logo includes the basic analog symbol and the 1 and 0 of digital code.
  5. The Paramount Pictures logo was modeled after an actual mountain from Utah’s Watasch Ridge.
  6. The two t’s in the middle of the Tostitos logo are intended to resemble people sharing a bowl of chips, a design that communicates friendship and connection.
  7. Toblerone’s logo includes a hidden silhouette of a bear to represent Bern, Switzerland – “the City of Bears” – where Toblerone is made.


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