5 Tips for Telemarketing Success

At Informatix, we know that operating a call center probably isn’t one of your dreams or your long-term business goals. That’s why we have a group of highly trained, skilled, and motivated telemarketers who specialise in providing the complete care and attention that your tele-marketing campaign deserves.

Whether you choose to hire us to handle your telemarketing or prefer to manage everything in-house, it’s important to understand what it takes to succeed in this crucial, competitive marketing field.

What’s the secret to powerful, effective client calls that yield results?

  1. Strong Teamwork: Great leaders know their team members personally – and it shows in their results. Anything you can do to foster congeniality and make your team happier will affect your bottom line.
  2. Promote Your Website: If your telephone welcome message, marketing materials, and customer service representatives all mention your website, more people will find answers to their own questions online, helping to achieve faster response times and happier clients.
  3. Give Employees a Place to Vent and Learn: Whether it’s a company intranet site devoted to exchanging call center stories and advice or a weekly staff networking meeting, having a space to collaborate and commiserate makes your team more content and productive.
  4. Simplify Your Resources: If team members have to scan dozens of pages of text to find the answers they need, that means minutes of hold time for the client and unnecessary frustration for your staff. Anything you can do to better organize and condense your resources and reference materials will boost productivity.
  5. Increase Your Team’s Skills: Equipping staff with the ability to learn and take on multiple skills not only makes them more efficient team players, but it also helps to reduce turnover.

Whether you choose to focus on these five areas for improvement in your in-house call center, or outsource your telemarketing needs to a firm like Informatix that provides a complete turnkey service, these tips will help your business stay abreast of industry developments and encourage your telemarketers to form higher quality connections with customers.


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