Best Practices for Tracking Your Opportunities

It’s great to have a long list of prospects that grows every day—but what are you doing to turn those opportunities into paying customers? If you’re just adding prospects to your opt-in list and sending out periodic blasts in hopes that someone will respond, you’re not maximizing the potential of your opportunities.

What should you do to convert prospects into sales? Here are some techniques that get results.

Get personal

Rather than sending everyone on your list the same, generically worded email, create individual messages with a touch of personality. Use your prospect’s first name in the email—a proven tactic for increasing click-through rates. You can also include relevant information from your initial contact with the opportunity, such as which products or services they expressed interest in on your website.

These personalized messages should be sent at regular intervals throughout the sales process, along with your best proposals. Keep the tone friendly, and refrain from “pushing” for a deal. The goal is to remind your prospects that your company is there when they’re ready to buy.

Pick up the phone

In the age of electronic communication, sometimes a simple phone call can accomplish more than the most carefully worded, visually impressive emails. Giving each of your opportunities a personal call—one that’s informative and helpful, rather than urgent and demanding—can go a long way toward establishing your company’s credibility and inspiring your customers’ trust.

Practice good record keeping

It’s important to keep track of the communications you exchange with your prospects. After all, you don’t want to send the same email multiple times, or make a welcome phone call twice. By using an automated dashboard to track your prospects, you can save you a lot of time and prevent plenty of mistakes. Informatix can provide you with a smart, graphical interface that offers powerful analytics and easy-to-use tools to simplify your opportunity tracking.

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